Does JL have a pet policy?
Yes we do! Dogs and cats are allowed for residents, but not for guests or tenants.

  • Owners must conform to the Moultonborough leash law and take the necessary steps to ensure that their dog is not a nuisance and does not disturb the rights of others.
  • On JL property, dogs must be walked on leashes even in the wooded areas.
  • Unit owners are responsible for making sure family members and guests are aware of the Town/JL pet regulations.
  • Owners must clean up after their pets.
  • No contractor or sub-contractor may bring a dog onto JL property.
  • Each owner’s homeowner policy must provide coverage for pets.
Does the condo have a slip with it?
Most units have a separately deeded boat slip, but there are a few that don’t.
Are there any docks/slips to rent?
From time to time, an owner will offer their boat slip for rent, but only JL unit owners are eligible to rent.
What are the amenities at JL?
JL owns 59 acres of private property which includes grass, fields and woods. There are 59 boat slips in our private marina and a storage area for boats, jet skis and trailers; there are 2 locations of tennis courts (both the upper and lower levels have 2 hard surface courts each); there are pools at both the upper and lower levels; there is a small outdoor basketball court; there is a kids playground at the lower level; there are trash and recycling dumpsters; there is a wide sandy beach facing the west; there are several canoe and kayak racks near the beach; there are deeded garages for some owners either near units or near the Maintenance Building.
How many people live at JL year-round?
There are approximately 10 units out of 62 in which owners live year-round.
What is the policy for getting plowed/shoveled out in the winter?
The roads begin to get plowed after 3” of accumulation, and the unit parking areas and walkways get plowed/shoveled as soon as possible afterwards.
What are the demographics at JL?
Unit owners come from locations as far away as Hawaii and Florida, but most owners live in MA or NH.
How is the landscaping handled?
The general landscaping is contracted to an outside firm, which mows the lawns, fertilizes, trims bushes, and cleans the common area gardens. Unit owners have the ability to enhance their gardens by planting flowers and bushes after receiving prior approval and must select the items from an approved list.   
Can I have a golf cart?
Yes, golf carts are allowed but they must be registered with the property manager. Only persons with a driver’s license may operate a golf cart.

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